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Replica Omega Speedmaster Watches: To The Moon And Back

This collection of replica Omega Speedmaster watches is a tribute to one of the finest and most famous lines of luxury watch in recent history. Each of these replica watches is a direct copy of a watch that has been released and updated, over the years, by Omega.

In 1957 the Speedmaster Professional was released as a manual chronograph watch. After surviving various specialized NASA tests, the Speedmaster was adopted as the official space watch in 1965. In 1969, an Omega Speedmaster became the first watch to make it to the moon and back, as Buzz Aldrin sported his on a moon walk (Neil Armstrong left his in the landing module during the first moon walk).

None of these replica Omega watches have made it to the moon. However, these replica Omega Speedmaster watches are made with the same great design and components that made the Speedmaster the only choice for NASA.

As is the case for all of our products, this collection of Omega replica watches is stunning and well made. So browse away and find your perfect replica watch that will take you to the moon, and back.